"The Bartender" in Pittsburg!Season 6 of "The Nurses" is finished."Car Wars" are back!

"The Bartender" in Pittsburg!

My directorial debut was screened during 2016 Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival! Thank You! It is another proof that it was worth it:)

Season 6 of "The Nurses" is finished.

Yes we did it! Again! So it's 300 episodes so far of which 150 is edited by your favourite editor. ME!

"Car Wars" are back!

After a half year pause I'm editing it again. Two episodes are mine!


Here one can find a list of my feature works. It’s almost complete so enjoy:)


My documentary works. TV Docs are not included here.

TV Shows

Those are my works for TV. Lots of genres. A lot of blood sweat and tears.


A lot of different things. Commercials. Music videos. Motion design, short forms, experimental. You name it!